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The Business Finder iPhone App is an interactive listing of businesses in ireland. Each app focuses on a single county. The app's content is easily managed in real-time by your staff using an online content management system. It's a perfect way for you to promote your county.

The app offers the public convenient access to hundreds of businesses. Great interactive features allow you phone, email, visit the website - directly from the app. You can view the location of the business on an interactive map and get directions from your present location.


You can view and access businesses by:

What Information is Listed?

For each business the app lists:

Interactive Features

The interactive features on the app allow the user to:

Content Management

Once published the app can be updated in real-time using our easy-to-use web-based content management system. You have full control of all content that appears on the app. So the app is never out of date. You can

How it Works for the Publisher

Using a web-based content management system, you upload business details to an online database.

When the app launches, it checks to see whether the database has been updated recently. If so, then the app downloads the new content for storage on the device.



Android App coming soon


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